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Boss JB-2 Overdrive/Distortion

Termék elérhetősége:   Készleten
Overdrive / Torzító pedál
Fogyasztói ár78000 Ft

All-new overdrive pedal with massive tonal range, jointly developed by BOSS and JHS Pedals. Combines the voices of the BD-2 Blues Driver from BOSS and Angry Charlie from JHS Pedals. Three dual-concentric knobs provide independent drive, tone, and level control for each overdrive type. Mode selector for choosing individual overdrive types, two series connections for stacking, or parallel connection for unique new sounds. Also includes a mode for toggling between BOSS and JHS overdrives with the built-in pedal switch. Remote switch jack for controlling pedal modes and bypass from an optional footswitch or effects switching system. Multi-color LED indicator shows BOSS mode (blue), JHS mode (red), and both together (purple).


Beszerzés és kiszállítási idő: 5-7 munkanap

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